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  • Original movement
    Original movement

    Our super clone rolexs all use original Swiss eta movements with a service life of more than 10 years. The power reserve exceeds 72 hours and will not stop for three days and three nights (it will still be accurate if you take off the watch on Friday and wear it on Monday).

  • Moissanite inlay
    Moissanite inlay

    The diamond parts of super clone Rolex, such as Baguette Diamond Markers, Rainbow bezel, etc. They are all 1:1 set with the best moissanite, the appearance of moissanite is very similar to that of natural diamonds and is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. It is also the gemstone with the closest physical properties to natural diamonds.

  • Sapphire crystal
    Sapphire crystal

    The mirror is made of sapphire crystal, which has high hardness and wear resistance and is not easily scratched or broken. Same as real rolex, our super clone have a tiny laser rolex logo engraved on the inside of the mirror at 6 o'clock, an anti-reflective coating is added to the mirror to reduce light reflection and glare, improve clarity and Readability.

  • Real gold
    Real gold

    The disadvantage of most replica rolexs is that they are much lighter than real rolexs, especially yellow gold, white-gold, two-tone, rose gold. These metals are heavier than 904L steel, so superclonerolex.si uses some real gold. Their counterweights have been added so that the weight of each super clone rolex corresponds to the original model.

  • Accuracy

    Each rolex is equipped with 1:1 cloned clockwork mechanism and mechanical parts, which can clearly display hours, minutes and seconds on the dial, ensuring the accuracy and stability of time. Because of the use of Swiss eta movements, such as date display function, chronograph function, time zone and GMT functions, different series of rolex clone watches can all complete the corresponding work well.

  • Comfort

    Bracelets are composed of multiple small segments, each segment is very delicate and smooth, without any burrs or gaps. Moreover, there is a certain degree of elasticity between the segments and they can expand, contract and bend freely. Each segment is engraved with a small chain buckle logo, which is very clear and three-dimensional. Each super clone rolex bracelet can be adjusted according to the size of the wrist. The clasp is equipped with Easylink 5mm comfort extension link. They are two-way opening and closing. You can press the buttons on both sides at the same time to open or close, and there will be obvious sounds and feelings when opening and closing. The low-quality clasp is one-way opening and closing, and there is no obvious sound when opening and closing.

  • Waterproof

    Rolex's crown is very precise and strong, and is waterproof and dustproof. The crown of rolex replica watches has no threads or the threads are rough, fragile and loose, and can easily get water or fall off. superclonerolx.si has upgraded the thread imitation process of the crown. There is a certain gap between the threads, which facilitates rotation and increases the fit, making the waterproof performance stronger. Our super clone rolex watches add a rubber ring between the crown and case to increase sealing performance and prevent moisture or dust from entering the movement. The rubber ring fits very tightly between the two, with no gaps visible. Most rolex replicas do not have rubber rings, or they do, but the workmanship is so rough that the gaps are visible to the naked eye, and the waterproof function is extremely poor.

  • Luminous

    The dial letters and hour markers of super clone rolexs are made of metal or diamonds, which are very fine and three-dimensional. The shape and quantity of hour markers are also customized 1:1 according to different styles. superclonerolex.si will never use printing or stickers to make rolex dials. The luminous effect of low-quality rolex replica watches is unevenly applied, and may even overflow or be missing. The luminous function is very dim and will disappear quickly. We use special fluorescent materials to evenly coat the hands and hour markers of clone rolex watches, which can emit bright, long-lasting and penetrating light in the dark.